Float Therapy

...is a powerful tool for wellness, relaxation, pain relief and better sleep. As with any therapy, with regular use its benefits are enhanced. Float therapy offers relief and benefits which are cumulative- they build on themselves with each subsequent session. We like to say "the more you float, the better it gets." as floats themselves deepen beyond the first session. Though flotation is an effortless therapy the body and mind actually learn how to relax into the float with each session. For these reasons, we encourage guests to return to floating more than once, and to receive sessions on a regular basis to maintain their benefits.

Single Session Fees
30 min $45.00
60 min $60.00
90 min $75.00

4 - 30min Floats $133.00
4 - 60min Floats $198.00
8 - 60min Floats $365.00

Float Massage Combo
30 min Float & 30 min Massage $75.00
60 min Float & 60 min Massage $115.00

During your float you will more than likely reach theta brainwave state. During theta brainwave activity, both the body and mind experience enhanced rejuvenation, growth, and healing. Due to the deep levels of relaxation that theta brainwaves facilitate, the body and mind are easily able to restore themselves during and after illness, as well as after mental burnout and physical exertion.
Research shows regular floating helps relieve symptoms of multiple medical conditions including but not limited to: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Stress, Insomnia, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis... just to name a few. Floating can also assist in Addiction Recovery, Sports Injury Recovery and also Enhances Athletic Performance. In addition it boosts creativity and helps you achieve a deeper state of meditation.

** First Time Floater's Only Package
Purchase 2 sessions & get your 3rd float half off!
3 -30min $112.50
or 3 - 60min floats $150.00

Who Should Not Float?

You CANNOT float if:
You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Have incontinence - you cannot float if you have problems with bowel/bladder leakage due to sanitary reasons.

People whose epilepsy is not under medical control

People with active infectious skin/systemic/respiratory diseases (including the common cold or flu).

People with open skin wounds, or fresh tattoos/piercings (you may float after all wounds, tattoos/piercings are healed). You cannot Float if you have large open cuts or wounds. Or if you have recently had any illness (flu, stomach/gastro issues) in the last 14 days - This is for hygiene reasons as well as your own comfort.

You cannot Float after just having hair colored or chemically treated and/or after using artificial tanning products - We ask that you to wait at least 72 hours up to a week after having your hair colored (color should not stain towels or bleed when washed) and also wait 5 days after using artificial tanning products.

**Minors (under 18 years of age) require parental consent and for a parent to be present within the clinic at the time of appointment. Minors under 12 years of age, parent must be in float room with child (not in tank but remain inside room).

**If you require assistance stepping into, stepping up and/or lowering and lifting yourself into/out of a bathtub/pool/or small body of water you will need to bring a qualified aid with you to assist you during your appointment.

***It is mandatory to use the clinic's shower facilities before a float session. Everybody is required to shower, wash their hair and remove makeup before floating, a post shower is also advised to rinse off the salt. Amenities are provided (shampoo/conditioner, soap, makeup remover, towels, robe, flip-flops, earplugs ect ect), although you are more than welcome to bring your own if you wish to. If you wear contacts please bring supplies to remove them during your float. A blow-dryer is available as well. Please bring your own comb/brush.

Preparing for your first Float. What to do; What not to do

Don't: Bring the kids with you. This is your time and they are unable to stay in the float room with you while you float and we do not have an in-house babysitter. Thank you for understanding.

Don't: Consume drugs or alcohol prior to your appointment - Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is STRICTLY prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone we suspect may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Don't: Use the tank if you are menstruating - If you can skip floating that week, great! This will help to maintain the high level of sanitation/hygiene of our tank.

Don't: Shave or wax within the 12 hours prior to your session - The salty environment of the tank will cause any waxed/shaved areas to STING!!!

Don't: Drink caffeine or other stimulant drinks before your session - These will make it difficult for you to relax into the tank environment. (Coffee in the morning should be OK if you are not floating until later in the day).

Don't: Have a large heavy meal in the 90 mins before you float - Not only might you feel unwell, but your digestive system will be making lots of noises and this can be disruptive in your float.

Don't: Smoke 90 minutes prior to your float session as it can make it difficult to relax in the tank. The odor can also taint the float room and tank itself. In addition the smell is also carried into clinic with you and lingers- which can be unpleasant for staff and other customers. Thank you for understanding.

Don't: Take too long in the shower after your float - Please consider that we may have another client waiting & we do need to allow sufficient time for filtering & cleaning. If you feel you need more than 10 minutes to shower & do hair/make-up after your session - please just advise us when you arrive & we can shorten your float time accordingly.

Don't: Take calls while you are in the treatment rooms or reception - this is your time to escape all of that, so leave it off as long as you can. It is also VERY distracting for other clients who are here to relax. The clinic is a Quiet Zone. So please do turn off your mobile phone when you arrive (or place it on silent) - This is your time to escape the world & the 'busyness' of life. If you need to make a call, please go outside.


Arrive on time - Allow yourself plenty of time to get here - it's much harder to relax into the tank if you've been rushing. If you are late, your float session may need to be cut short to ensure the following appointment can start on time. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early for your FIRST session to complete your form and to get instructions on how to use the tank, and then 10 minutes early for all subsequent appointments.

Allow plenty of time for your float - Plan on spending 1.5 hours for a 1 hour float session. And at least 2 hours for a 90 min float session, and at least an hour for a 30min float. This will give you ample time for pre-shower/float/post-shower.

Ensure any small cuts or scratches are covered with a waterproof dressing - This is for hygiene purposes as well as the fact the salty environment of the tank will cause any open cuts/scratches to STING!! (we provide Vaseline for this purpose so just let us know)

REMOVE contact lenses and jewelry - But don't forget to take them with you when you go!

Ask lots of questions - Let us know if you are nervous or unsure of anything, or think you might be claustrophobic or tend to feel cold, anything, just ask.

Reschedule your appointment - If you think you may be coming down with a cold/flu/illness.

Please use the restroom prior to your float session.

Do ENJOY your float! Go into without any expectations whatsoever and just relax.

At your 1st appointment you will be required to sign a waiver before you float which details the rules in depth.

Cancellation Policy
Please kindly give 12 hour notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. You may call or text RN Therapeutics Holistic Health & Wellness Clinic, LLC at 563-321-9797 to cancel an appointment. Thank you.